Drie Top-aanwinsten uit de Colt Collection

Afgelopen week zijn een aantal instrumenten uit de belangrijke Colt Collection in Engeland op de veiling aangeboden. Wij hebben hieruit drie top-instrumenten kunnen verwerven: een Heilmann fortepiano (Mainz c. 1785), een instrument uit Mozart’s tijd, maar ook een Graf fortepiano (Wenen c. 1836) en een laat 18de eeuws klavichord ((Duits of Zweeds). Hiermee is onze collectie fortepiano’s op een hoger niveau gekomen en zijn ontbrekende bouw- en ontwikkelingsperiodes in de geschiedenis van de fortepiano aangevuld.


David Hackett (Friends of the Square Piano) schrijft:

Colt Collection
We were sad to report the recent death of Lore Barbara Colt, widow of the founder of the Collection, Cecil Colt.  We all know that the collection has been undisturbed since the founder’s death in 1985, and it has always kept a low profile, with no website or email. Some of the instruments at Bethersden were the personal property of Barbara Colt, rather than belonging to the charitable trust, and five of these were sold at Piano Auctions’ April 6th sale.

Matheaus Heilmann ca. 1785
First of these is perhaps my favourite piano of all time, and the inspiration for my own grand piano. This is the beautiful Heilmann grand, said to date from c. 1775, but probably nearer to 1785.  I like to describe this as a ‘friendly’ piano; not showy, and made from plain walnut, but a lovely instrument to play. Not loud, but beautifully sensitive, and perfect for the music of Mozart and Haydn.

Heilmann worked in Mainz and was appointed court tuner, organist and maker to the Archbishop of Mainz.
Discography: Christopher Hogwood, Decca

Conrad Graf, ca. 1836
…. a grand c. 1836 by the famous maker Conrad Graf of Vienna, who may have supplied Beethoven’s last piano.
Graf pianos were favoured by Beethoven, Chopin, Clara Schumann.

Clavicord, late 18th c.
…. a large, unfretted clavichord, probably late 18th c., possibly Swedish or German, in the manner of Lindholm.


Courtesy: David Hackett