The International Geelvinck Fortepiano Concours is postponed until august 2018. Be prepared and improve your skills and knowledge with one of our masterclasses.

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International Geelvinck Fortepiano Concours

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The competition on authentic historic fortepianos and square pianos
for early career professional fortepianists and promising conservatory students

7th edition
Please note the competition from 18th till 22nd October 2017 is postponed to mid-August 2018

This competition intends to stimulate young fortepianists to perform on historic fortepianos. It is part of the International Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival, which is annually organised by the Geelvinck Museum around the Geelvinck Collection of historic pianos and early keyboards, including the Sweelinck Collection.

The competition includes two separate parts:

1. Geelvinck Fortepiano Competition
with the following awards:
– Geelvinck Fortepiano Concours First Prize 2017
– Romain d’Ansembourg Encouragement Award 2017 (Stimuleringsprijs)
– Geelvinck Audience Award 2017 (Publieksprijs)

2. Geelvinck Square Piano Competition
with the following award:
– Stanley Hoogland Square Piano Award 2017

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Previous laureats, you will find in the Hall of Fame

Competition program

The fortepiano competition consists of four rounds:

Preliminary Round (virtual) – until Sunday 1st October
In case there are more than twelve applications, the jury chooses a maximum of twelve candidates.

First Round – Wednesday 18th October
The candidates are requested to perform on an early fortepiano.
The jury chooses a maximum of six of the best candidates for the second round.

Second Round – Thursday 19th October
The remaining candidates are requested to perform on an early square piano and on a later fortegrand.
The jury chooses a maximum of three of the best candidates for the final round.

Final Round – Sunday 22nd October
Each of the remaining candidates (finalists) performs on a early fortepiano together with an ensemble.

The square piano competition consists of one round:

Square Piano Round – Friday 20th October
The candidates are requested to perform on three square pianos: an early 18th century square piano, an early 19th century square piano and a late (mid-19th century) square piano.

Concert by the winners and finalists

The winners of both competitions, as well as the finalists of the fortepiano competition, are requested to perform a public concert on Sunday late afternoon or evening 22nd October.


On the 23rd October, there will be public masterclasses for fortepiano, square piano and clavichord. Candidates are offered to participate by preference and free of charge. The teachers are Michael Tsalka and Megumi Tanno. Please indicate your interest in participating well in advance.

Open for the public

The performances of the competition program are open for the general public.

Dates and Places

The competition takes place in Zutphen at the Geelvinck Music Museum.

The exact time schedule of of the rounds will be announced on this website in due time.
The dates of the competition – 18th till 22nd 2017 – are fixed. The dates of the rounds maybe still subject to change within this time bracket in case of a calamity.

Stay, visa and fee

For your stay, we will provide you with a guest family home in or nearby Zutphen, which is free of charge. Of course, you can also take a B&B or a hotel room at your own expense.

In case you need a letter of visa support, we will provide this for you. If the cost for a one-time visa is above your budget, please let us know and we will try to come with a solution (i.c. cover part of these costs).

Our competitions do not require an entrance fee or any other fee. If you join the competition, the masterclasses are free of charge too.