Frequently Asked Questions

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Guidance for the most frequently asked questions:

1. Can I still apply for the competition ?

Yes, you can up till and including 15 June 2018. In case you are late, just check this website, as maybe we move the date forward still.
Please see for further information this webpage.

Please note the deadline for application is extended to and including: 30th June 2018.

2. Do I need to send in a video ?

No, we do not require a video. However, we could add a video and/or your website to your biography, which will be published on our website. This will be a good promotion for your future career!

3. Is there a preference for candidates from the conservatoriums in the Netherlands
No, all candidates are treated equally by the Jury.
4. May I repeat a piece in another round ?
No, if you have performed a piece in one of the previous rounds or Geelvinck competitions, you are not supposed to choose it for another round, where you have a free choice. So, if you participate in the square piano competition, you are not allowed to repeat a piece, which you already performed in the fortepiano competition.
5. Do I have to explain why I have chosen the pieces that I perform?
No, we do not need an explanation. However, if you would like to motivate why you have chosen certain pieces for your free choice, the Jury is happy to take this into consideration. E.g. that you feel the piece fits well with the period fortepiano / square piano, or that the piece is written for this particular sort of fortepiano.

You can give your explanation in writing (by email) in advance together with the overview of the pieces you will perform, or you can give a very short oral explanation to the jury in advance of each performance. However, a motivation is not a requirement.

6. Can I prepare myself by playing on the instruments before the competition?

Yes, this is certainly possible and advisable. However, you have to arrange this in advance, because we have to plan the time slots for those who wish to. In case of late application, we may not be able anymore to provide you with a time slot.

7. Do I have to join the square piano competition too?

No, this is optional, so you may choose to do so or not.

8. Do I need to pay a fee for entering the fortepiano competition?

No, both the fortepiano competition and the optional square piano competition are free of charge.

9. Which recommendations do I need?

You do not need any recommendations.

10. Do I need to arrange a place to stay in advance?

Yes, you do. If you wish, we can help you finding hotels and B&Bs. Please send us an e-mail in advance for suggestions. However, in case a hotel or B&B is too expensive for you, we will arrange a host family home for you. This is free of charge.

11. Do I receive a certificate stating that I have participated in the competition, also when I did not win an award?

Yes, we will always provide you with a certificate stating that you have performed in our competition.

12. Is there an age limit?

Yes, you should not be over 35 years old.
However, there is an exception: if you just finalized your studies or if you are still studying, and your age is already over 35 years, you may still apply for the competition.

13. Can you provide me visa support?

Yes, if you enter our competition, we will provide you with a letter of visa support, if needed. However, in that case, we need to receive the required recommendation of your professor by e-mail (see: question 9 above), because we need to verify that you are actually able to perform on the fortepiano. Also, we need a copy of your passport and certain details for the letter of visa support. Please send us an e-mail if you need a letter of visa support.

14. Can I still apply for the competition if I participated in a previous edition ?

Yes, you can apply again for joining the competition.

15. If I do not have all required stuff ready, can I already send in my application ?

If you don’t have as yet all information we need from you, this is no problem. Please send in the application form and you just need to send us this additional information not later then the 15th September 2017.

16. Do you have a standard application form?

Yes, just send us an e-mail at with your name and indicate that you are interested in joining the competition. We will e-mail to you the application form. Or you can just down-load it from our website.

17. Do I need to e-mail a copy of my passport?

No, we only need a copy of an official statement with a photograph, so we can verify that it is yourself. Hence, a copy of your students identity card or your driving license will suffice too.

18. Do I need to send in all the scores of my program?

Yes, you do! Because you have, within some limits, a free choice for performing those pieces which you yourself prefer, it is necessary that we receive the scores of the pieces, which you have chosen. We have to provide the scores in advance of the competition to the members of our jury.

Please, scan the scores and e-mail these in pdf format to, or give us the url of the website, where we can find the scores.

In case you have a problem with this requirement, please let us know and we will certainly find a suitable solution for you.

We would be grateful, if you send us the scores not later than 1st October. However, in case you are late, do not worry, but, please, do let us know and, again, we will find a suitable solution together with you.

19. Some useful suggestions for preparing for the competition:

– choose compositions, which you already are familiar with

– tryout the historic fortepianos and square pianos in advance

– take part in the master classes (free of charge)

– historic pianos should be handled with loving care and tenderness; the jury prefers when you show that you care!

– the jury appreciates performance from the heart; in case you miss a note, this is not considered a problem as long as your performance shows the right emotional feeling of the color and bite of the composition and the love for the historic instrument

The competition is not about virtuosity or technically correct performances; instead the emphasis is on showing the emotional understanding of both the music and the historic fortepiano, which together should come alive under your fingers.

20. Square Piano Competition: Do I need to participate in the Geelvinck Fortepiano Competition if I want to participate solely in the Square Piano Compitition ?

No, if you wish to participate solely in the Square Piano Competition, you can just fill-in the application form for the Square Piano Competition.

21. If I want to participate in both the Fortepiano Competition and the Square Piano Competition, do I have to fill-in two application forms ?

No, just fill-in the application form for the Fortepiano Competition and mark on that form that you wish to participate in the Square Piano Competition too.

22. If I failed to be successful in the Fortepiano Competition 2018 ‘The Romantic Fortepiano’, can I than still join the Fortepiano Competition 2019 ‘The Early Fortepiano’ and do I stand a chance to win and go to the finals in August 2019 ?

Yes, this is certainly possible. For instance, you fail even to get to the 2nd round of the Fortepiano Competition 2018 ‘The Romantic Fortepiano’, you can still apply to participate in the Fortepiano Competition 2019 ‘The Early Fortepiano’. We hope, that you have developed your skills in the mean time (e.g. by joining our master classes), or maybe you are just more virtuoso on early fortepianos. If you manage to get into the finals of the Fortepiano Competition 2019 ‘The Early Fortepiano’, you are invited to join the finals of the Geelvinck Fortepiano Concours in August 2019 too!

So if you fail in the Fortepiano Competition 2018 ‘The Romantic Fortepiano’, please join again in the Fortepiano Competition 2019 ‘The Early Fortepiano’.


Further questions:

In case you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail:
Or call us at +31.20.6390747 and leave a message.


We are looking forward to your participation in the competition!


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