Help Patricia Gil met ‘The Original Sound of Music’ Tour: Florence – Zutphen – Hongkong

Deel dit bericht:

Patricia Gil, pianiste op ons Fortepiano Festival 2018, nodigt ons uit op een spannende muzikale wereldreis ter promotie van de fortepiano: van Florence, via Zutphen tot Hongkong, samen met videokunstenaar Fabio Morelli. Help Patricia en Fabio deze videopromotie van de fortepiano te realiseren!

Het idee

“This time we want to showcase the world of Fortepiano.

Patricia, will perform Fortepiano throughout a concert tour from Italy (Zeffirelli Foundation of Florence) and Holland (Geelvinck Festival) to Hong Kong (Baptist University), where she will also record for the National Radio.

We would like to take advantage of the trip to make a short documentary about the history, the technique, the music style and philosophical concept of the instrument to promote its value and the importance of deepen our knowledge of it.”


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