Aspasia Nasopulou – componiste

Deel dit bericht:

Aspasia Nasopoulou, a Greek composer living and working in Amsterdam since 2002, is actively involved in the contemporary art creation in Europe. Her music is varied in nature, ranging from solo instrumental to orchestral pieces and from stage and dance pieces to vocal music. It has an abstract narrative quality that interplays with its theatrical dimension. Nasopoulou is inspired by eternal ideas and concerns, drawing equally from ancient texts (Sappho, Euripides) and the hyperrealism of N. Egonopoulos, and from the medieval poetry of Christine de Pizan and Troubadour, to the contemporary thoughts of Saburo Teshigawara and Oscar Hahn’s poems. Her works are composed for unconventional combinations of both western and non-western instruments, presenting an authentic tableau where her own tradition melts together with western tradition and modernity. Nasopoulou has been involved in projects that incorporate media from different arts. She collaborated with choreographers, directors, writers, and visual artists, including Micha Hamel, Kevin Walton, Nienke Brokke, Christian Tan, Nicola Hepp and Ernst Dullemond. She focuses the last years on music’s relation with language.


Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival 2015: 

Aspasia Nasopulou reflected on the eight new contemporary compositions for square piano, together with composers Joost Kleppe and Martijn Voorvelt.