Jens Vraa – klarinet en compositie

Deel dit bericht:

Jens Vraa (b. 1968) was born in Aarhus, Denmark, and studied clarinet at the

conservatory there. After finishing his education he started freelancing, mainly

in various orchestras. After moving to Copenhagen in 1995 he began focusing more

on chamber music. He has been a member of several chamber ensembles, above all the

clarinet/cello-duo “Duo Devienne” with which he has played numerous concerts.

In 2003, having composed a few pieces in the past, he decided to concentrate more on

composing. Since then he has composed a wide range of works for various chamber

ensembles as well as vocal music of different kinds. Among his most recent works

are the song-cycle “5 Songs About Death” written for Danish tenor Christian

Damsgaard (first performed at the Casa dei Mezzo Festival in Crete 2013), and a

trio for clarinet, cello and piano composed for the Geneva-based Trio Eléonore

(yet to be performed).