Mooie Samenwerking met ‘Stile Galante’

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In 10 jaar is Stile Galante, dat zich richt op Italiaanse muziek van de 18de eeuw, uitgegroeid tot een spraakmakend ensemble. Zo traden zij met veel succes op in het Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht 2019. Voor een CD project met Pan Classics zochten zij twee originele historische instrumenten, die zij vonden in de Geelvinck Collectie. Wij verheugen ons op een sprankelende muzikale samenwerking!

Ensemble ‘Stile Galante’

Stile Galante is a Dutch based cultural project devoted to Italian music of the 18th century, started in 2010. The project aims to merge academic research and performance and focuses the attention of scholars and musicians on vocal music. The enormous repertoire legacy of the Solo Chamber Cantata (starting from the best works by Leo, Vinci and Porpora) is one of the most important fields in which we specialize.

We think that devoting our attentions to this usually ignored or misunderstood repertoire can bring back to the audience pages of rare beauty and inspire our musicians to get continually in touch with a musical language and a taste today usually adapted to unhistorical expectations.

Stile Galante also works with opera, taking care of performance practice issues elsewhere usually ignored. Great voices who were heard with Stile Galante are Swedish mezzo-soprano Ann Hallenberg, sopranos Francesca Cassinari, Emanuela Galli, Sergio Foresti (baritone) and many more. The ensemble records for Pan Classics and Glossa, and is conducted by Stefano Aresi.

Stile Galante promotes each year a university conference and offers cultural events in collaboration with schools and public and private cultural institutes.


You can enjoy our last performance at the Oude Muziek Festival in Utrecht following this link: