Real, Reality, Realitas?

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In het kader van onze tentoonstelling Indië Thuis, exposeert de Indonesische kunstenares Savitri Sastrawan enkele weken haar spirituele werk in ons museum. Zij is artist in residence bij de Indonesische Ambassade te Den Haag. Zij is geïnspireerd door de Wayang Kamasan Bali. De opening vindt plaats op vrijdag 20 mei om 17.00 uur. U bent van harte welkom.

A human is one object in reality. Human is the source of everything to know the world, otherwise we won’t know anything. Yet, the human is always in between, good and bad or being in one place and the other. In this residency provided by the Indonesian Embassy to the Kingdon of the Netherlands in The Hague were guided by two Dutch artists, Vera de Vries and Willem Moerenhout, who convinced me in exploring spirituality in abstract painting and so I have experimented different ways to express this theme using elements of Wayang Kamasan Bali, Young Artist style, portraits, drawings and paper masks.